[181/365] Turtles, Great Barrier Reef, Green Island, Queensland, Australia

We were already walking towards the ferry to leave Green Island when we spotted these big turtles in the waters just below us. There’s 2 of them – one was swimming over the other one. I was so excited!! Yes, I know this isn’t the greatest picture but they were swimming up and down in the water, in and out of visibility. Sad, I could have been snorkeling in that area too if we had gone on the other side of the walkway – and potentially swimming WITH the turtles. One day I’ll make it happen somewhere in the world…



  1. Isn’t it witner in Queensland right now? Mind you, I’ve been to Queensland in witner and it was almost as warm as summer here in Auckland.I have so many places I’d rather be than here. I’d really like to be on river cruise through France or maybe Germany. Relaxing on the boat, then stopping off at beautiful little villages to eat and drink. Although I understand why people want a more authentic’ experience while on holiday, I’m perfectly happy to be a tourist, doing touristy things. There’s no a/c when you’re backpacking.

  2. Thank you Jill and Gillian for all of your effort in briginng this important information to Calgarians! Armed with a map and one of Jennifer Cockrall-King\’s Food and the City books about urban agriculture, one attendee told me she was fired up to resume gardening and start sourcing more of her food locally. Well done!

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