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[185/365] Palm Cove Beach, Queensland, Australia

What a fitting last day in Cairns! We were headed next to Auckland, New Zealand where the forecast was cold and rainy, so we had to make a trip to the beach for the day! Perfect weather to lie out, tan, read, nap and enjoy the surrounding views of islands, palm trees and waves. The […]


[184/365] Koala & Baby, Koala & Wildlife Park, Rainforestation Nature Park, Kuranda, Queensland, Australia

Finally got to see a koala up close (and even carry one)! If you look carefully, this koala is carrying a baby koala! You can see the arm and the little nose. Soooo cute. Cute animal overload haha. They’re such relaxed little animals. After we saw all the koalas here, we paid to get a […]

[183/365] Kangaroo Feeding, Koala & Wildlife Park, Rainforestation Nature Park, Kuranda, Queensland, Australia

The kangaroos and wallabies are so cute! Before we stepped into the Koala & Wildlife Park, we bought some “Roo food” before actually seeing them. Just as we stepped inside, we realized that they were all over the place, just lying around and jumping around the grassy area. No fences or anything! They are so […]

[181/365] Turtles, Great Barrier Reef, Green Island, Queensland, Australia

We were already walking towards the ferry to leave Green Island when we spotted these big turtles in the waters just below us. There’s 2 of them – one was swimming over the other one. I was so excited!! Yes, I know this isn’t the greatest picture but they were swimming up and down in […]

[180/365] Cairns Lagoon, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

We left Sydney in the evening and took a few hour flight to far north Australia, to the city of Cairns in the state of Queensland. What a weather change! Nice cool weather at night and warm temperatures during the day. Back to shorts and tank tops!We came here as a jumping point to explore […]