Trip: Southern Spain (Andalucía Region)

España es muy bonita! I was glad to be able to visit a part of Spain that I haven’t been to before. My winter break had just ended the day before, I attended a holiday party and didn’t sleep so I could make my 6am flight! What a day! Overall great trip! More details to come…

Trip itinerary:
Transportation was very easy to figure out!

  • Flew into Málaga (coastal city) – LGW   AGP
  • Bus from Málaga to Granada
  • Bus from Granada to Córdoba (day trip)
  • Train from Córdoba to Sevilla (only about 50 minutes,  ~€10)
  • Train from Sevilla to Málaga city centre
  • Fast train from  Málaga to Málaga Airport (about 12 minutes) 
  • Goodbye Spain, hello Paris! LGP   CDG

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