Travel Goals While Living in Europe!

It’s been so wonderful living in Europe. For years, it’s been one of my favourite places to travel and it’s so much easier to travel around when I’m living here now! When will I get a chance to live in Europe again? So, I think it’s fitting for me to create a realistic list of places I want to travel to while over here. I’ll be here until September 2012 at least so plenty of time to make this happen! I’ll cross these off and update this post as I go to them. Let’s goooo!

Travel Destinations – 2012
§  Croatia
§  Cyprus
§  Denmark (booked for February!)
§  Greece
§  Ireland (booked for March!)
§  Israel
§  Italy
·         Cinque Terre
§  Jordan
§  Malta
§  Morocco (booked for March!)
§  Poland
§  Slovakia
§  Slovenia
§  United Kingdom
·         England       
o   Arundal Castle
o   Harry Potter Studio Tour
o   Leeds Castle
o   Stonehenge & Bath
o   Stratford upon Avon & the Cotswolds
o   Windsor Castle
·         Northern Ireland
o   Belfast (booked for March!)
·         Wales
o   Cardiff
·         Scotland
o   Edinburgh
o   Glasgow
§  Romania
§  Stockholm (booked for March!)

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