On The Road: Nearly Missed Flight and Wandering Around the Souks of Marrakech, Morocco

Helloooo from Marrakech, Morocco! Oh my, what a long 24 hours! Some updates…(I know, it’s been a while!) – it’s “spring break” for me right now as of last week. The reason spring break is in quotes is because we have 2 big term papers due at the end of it so I don’t think I was really supposed to take a “break”, but well, I did!

We were in Brighton yesterday morning and was on a journey to Gatwick Airport to catch our 7:45am flight. So yea, didn’t really plan for enough time at the airport! IT WAS STRESSFUL! We were basically told that it was too late and we wouldn’t make it and t next flight to Marrakech was 25th of March. Keep in mind that our flight from Marrakech to Paris was on the 23rd of March… Just great. Anyway, the lady said to try to bring our bags and RUNNNN to the gate. Oh, North Terminal of Gatwick…why must your gates be so far away?! Security had some set backs but we rushed over and thank you, Easy Jet for letting us check in our bags and be the last on the plane 3 minutes before scheduled departure. We were sooo relieved to have made it to Morocco!!! The food is great and the souks are awesome for shopping (even though the shopkeepers are quite aggresive!

Today we are off an excursion to go camping in the Sahara desert! Catch you next time!


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