City Guide: Paris, France

From the first time I arrived in Paris years ago, it has remained as my favorite city in Europe. There’s just something about it. I finally returned in December 2011 after years of not visiting and while the weather wasn’t great (cold, windy and rainy), the city was just as lovely and I got quite nostalgic seeing my old hot spots.

  • Places to go
    • Shakespeare & Company Bookstore (37 rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris)- I love these little bookstores. We crossed over the bridge over the Seine from the Notre Dame Cathedral and stumbled onto to this gem of a bookstore.
  • Good eats
    • CREPES! I love these things – especially the savory ones! My ingredients of choice are ham (jambon), cheese (fromage), mushrooms (champignons) and egg (oeuf). I could eat these everyday!
  • Getting around
    • The metro, while not the nicest, is quite extensive and basically can take you everywhere!
This will be updated with more!

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