[map] Maps Discovered on my Travels

Hello! This post is honor of my first “Map Design: Learn to Communicate Places Beautifully” online class today over at skillshare.com! I’m really looking forward to creating my own map – something I never thought I’d do. The following images are of maps I’ve taken photos of and collected in the past year or so. Travel tip: Taking photos of maps is often a great way to have access to a map at all times, right in the palm of your hands. Being able to zoom in/out is so useful!

Place: (where the map is of). Discovered: (place where I found the map). Location: (if its a print, where I have the map now).


mapwanderer sketch

MapWanderer sketch I did on my flight from Europe back to the states a few weeks ago.


Place: Globe necklace (it even rotates!) with binoculars necklace. Discovered: In a cool little shop on the main shopping street in Reykjavik, Iceland.

vevey switzerland

Place: Vevey, Switzerland. Discovered: Roaming around the streets of  the city centre of Vevey.

world map

Place: The World. Discovered: Purchased in a store (I can’t remember which one!). Location: On my wall right above my desk to be used as inspiration and for reference for my travel planning.

usa map

Place: USA. Discovered: In an atlas book I found at a $1 bookstore. Location: Atlas is hanging out on my bookshelf.

california map

Place: California, USA. Discovered: In the same atlas (from photo above).

world atlas

Place: All over the world. Discovered: In a $1 bookstore in LA. Location: On the bookshelf in my room!

berat albania map

Location: Berat, Albania. Discovered: On a sign in the town of Berat.


Location: Prizren, Kosovo. Discovered: On a sign close to the bus station, while entering the main part of the town.


Place: Venice, Italy. Discovered: Shown on a slideshow during Rick Steves’ talk on Italy at the Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show in Santa Clara, CA.

ireland map

Place: Ireland. Discovered: On a postcard at shop in Dublin, Ireland. Location: On a magnetic board right above my desk.


Place: Egypt. Discovered: In a shop in Dahab, Egypt, along the Red Sea. Made on papyrus. Hand-decorated. Location: Framed and soon-to-be on my wall.


Location: Iceland & Scandinavia and the waters in between. Discovered: On a postcard bought at the museum shop at the National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik. Location: On a magnetic board right above my desk.


Location: Iceland. Discovered: At the museum shop at the National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik. Location: Framed and soon-to-be on my wall.


Location: Iceland. Discovered: Postcard purchased at a tourist shop in Reykjavik. Location: On the magnetic board right above my desk.


Location: World. Discovered: In a shop in Reykjavik, Iceland. Spotted on the wall as I was about to leave the shop. Adorned with postage stamp images, love the vintage feel. Location: On the wall above my bed.


Location: Paris, France. Discovered: On a postcard in a tourist shop in Paris. Paris Metro Map. Location: On the magnetic board above my desk.


Location: Africa. Discovered: I bought this in a small shop in LA and use it as my travel journal. Location: In my room and on all my travels!


Location: London, England. Discovered: I often take photos of my computer screen when I look up googlemaps so I have access to it (and can zoom in/out) in case I don’t have a data connection.


Location: La Tour-De-Peilz, Switzerland. Dicovered: On a sign while taking a walk along the lake towards Vevey.

map photos

Location: Pristina, Kosovo. Discovered: Hand-painted on a wall at the lovely Han Hostel in a great location in Pristina.

map photos-001

Discovered: Review of the “On The Map” book in the American Airlines magazine. Really makes me want to get the book!

Gosh, I really am crazy about maps. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to share YOUR favorite maps.




  1. Lovely post. Great idea to photograph maps. Also really liked this line: “I’m really looking forward to creating my own map – something I never thought I’d do.” 🙂 See you in class! Everything is loaded in the classroom so ready when you are!

    1. Thanks Anne! It was a lovely first day of class! 🙂 I think I might be dreaming of maps when I go to sleep tonight. 😛

  2. Glad to find your blog–looking forward to following your travels and seeing the map you create in our map class. Love your photos of the maps you have seen and collected.

    1. Thanks Debora! Let’s see what comes of my map idea! Looking forward to seeing yours too 🙂

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