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A Planning Guide: Reflections on 4 Months Traveling in Europe

The Trip of a Lifetime! I traveled in Europe from early September through late December 2021, and visited 14 different countries (woweee! 8 of which were new to me), while working part-time remotely. This is my guide to planning travel through Europe as an American, during year 2 of a pandemic (yes, it’s possible and […]

[Travels] My Top 5 Favorites of Mexico City

So this is a BELATED post, but I found a draft of this and decided to (finally) finish it up. We went to Mexico City last September for the Labor Day long weekend. Mexico City is a place I’ve been wanting to visit, especially after it was featured in the highly anticipated NY Times Top Places to […]

Week 1 of 52: Instagram photo a day #365mapwanderer

Hello all, Happy New Year! It has been a while since I last blogged but one of my goals this year was to get back at it. One of the ways I’m doing it is by revisiting my @themapwanderer instagram feed. On January 1st I started my photo a day and have been doing pretty […]

Organization Spotlight: Global Glimpse & My Trip to Nicaragua

What better way to experience international immersion firsthand than Nicaragua? A couple days I came back from a wonderful trip to Nicaragua where I got the chance to join several groups of high school students on their summer Global Glimpse program. I’ve been on the Advisory Board for the Bay Area-based non-profit organization since early last […]

10 Of My Favorite Travel Quotes

Anyone else feeling a strong case of wanderlust? I am, as always! So, I decided to come up with a list of my favorite travel quotes to keep me inspired for future travels. All photos and quote design by me. Here it goes! [ one ] brighton, uk [ two ] vevey, switzerland [ three […]

2013: My Year in Travel

Happy New Year, friends! 2013 in numbers 1 graduation from Master’s program 3 NEW states on the list (Vermont, Idaho, Montana) 6 states visited altogether (Utah, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Vermont, New York) 5 NEW countries visited (Iceland, Albania, Kosovo, China, South Korea) 2013 has definitely not been my easiest year, but I really feel like […]

[Good Causes] Organization Spotlight: International Development Exchange (IDEX)

Happy Holidays, everyone! Today, I’d like to start a series featuring great organizations that I’ve gotten the privilege to support. This first one is the International Development Exchange, more commonly known as IDEX. I came across IDEX on a Google search while on my job search, and found out that they had a Young Professionals […]

[Photo Story] Escape to London at the 35th Annual Charles Dickens Christmas Fair & Victorian Holiday Party in San Francisco

This was the closest I was going to get to celebrating the holidays in London after being away for just over a year. What a well-executed event that transformed us to the places and people of the stories of Charles Dickens! The characters from Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, the Christmas Carol (and many more!) came […]

[On the road] Home from my Trip to China & South Korea

Hello everyone! A quick recap of my trip to China and South Korea. I just got back  this evening and since I’m feeling awake still, just thought I’d talk a bit about my trip. We did so much during the trip and it will take me a while to document everything! I traveled to China […]

[Crafts] My Map Letter Project

A few weeks ago, I stopped by Michaels to get a paint pen for another project, and while I was feeling crafty, I spontaneously put together a little project with a few things I found in the store. That store gets me every time! Anyway, I wanted to share my process for putting it together […]