[Photo Story] Tomales Bay Oyster Company, California

Hello all!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I went to Tomales Bay Oyster Company last week and wanted to share some photos from the both times I’ve gone! This is the second time I’m going this year – the first time was in April for my cousin’s birthday.

If you aren’t familiar, Tomales Bay is about an hour-ish north from San Francisco. It is a long narrow inlet of the Pacific Ocean and is located within the county of Marin. It’s a pretty nice drive, although kind of windy. The Oyster Company is an open space with a lot of picnic tables, and of course, fresh oysters! If you have a group of 10 or more, they require you to reserve tables which is probably better than just going first come first serve. Each table has a grill to use to grill oysters and whatever other food you bring. Both times I’ve gone, the weather has been really nice. Lots of sun, although the first time, there was also lots of wind. We had plenty of drinks and it was a fun daytime party. Fun atmosphere in the whole picnic area. We were there from about 11am until closing time which is at about 5pm.

Tips for your trip to Tomales Bay:

  1. Bring sunscreen – it gets really sunny out there!
  2. Bring something warm in case it gets windy – can feel very chilly!
  3. Bring food to grill and lots of snacks.
  4. Bring lots of drinks and ice, oh and of course, a cooler.
  5. Come early for parking in the lot, but once those fill up, there will still be parking along the highway though.
  6. There are bathrooms – both regular ones and porta potties. Your choice. 🙂
  7. They play music there, no need to bring your own.
  8. It is cash only, so don’t forget to bring cash!

Visit their website for more details: http://tomalesbayoysters.com/


tomales bay map

tomales bay map

[Tomales Bay in April]

I went in April for my cousin Bonny’s birthday! Sunny, but chilly because of the wind. Fun times!







Rules (changes day to day I assume):






Group photo:



[Tomales Bay in July]

I went the day after July 4th and happened to see so many other friends/family that happened to be there!

tomales bay

tomales bay

tomales bay

tomales bay

tomales bay

tomales bay

tomales bay


Great springtime/summertime fun! Another one off my SF Bay Area Bucket List. 🙂


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