10 of My Favorite Maps of Seoul

So, I think you may know I like maps. I’m hoping you do too! On my trip to Seoul, I came across so many maps and I just had to share some!

1. Gang  Nam Beauty Tour Guide Map

Isn’t it so cute? Love the colors and the little drawings. Fits so well with the cutesyness (yes, I’m making that a word) of Seoul.

maps of seoul

2. Seoul Book Festival

Ok, so I can’t read Korean, but from that I remember, this was a map for some kind of book festival they were having. I could be wrong… Anyway, loved the design and the colors!

maps of seoul1

3. Seoul Cardboard Luggage Tags

I really liked the design of these luggage tags from a really cool shop in the Bukchon Hanok Village area. They were used on my duffel bag. The back has space for your name and contact info.

maps of seoul2

4. Gangnam Tourist Information Center Brochure & Map

Informative guide to getting around the lively Gangnam area.

maps of seoul3

5. Namsan Park Shuttle Bus Route #2

On my second to last day (supposed to be my last but I missed the flight), I went up to the top of Namsan Mountain to see the views and the Namsan Seoul Tower. The bus was very convenient. I really enjoy looking at public transportation maps.

maps of seoul4

6. Seoul Map Design Postcard

Loved the simple and clean style of this postcard. It’s going up on my wall…if I can find space!

maps of seoul5

7. Seoul Map

All in Korean, but a great map nonetheless!

maps of seoul6

8. Seoul Tourist Guide Book

This was within easy access at all times during the trip. It had pages for 16 of the distinct neighborhoods including maps and descriptions of key places to see, and all the last page was a fold out map of the subway that was VERY useful.

maps of seoul7

9. Seoul Metropolitan Railway Mini Map (February 2012)

Ok, this was another purchase at Room to Roam. It was such a cute and unique design of the excellent Seoul subway system! It’s a small size, but would be great framed!

maps of seoul8

10. Seoul Map of Food

Food was one of my FAVORITE things in South Korea. I liked how this map had a focus on FOOD.

maps of seoul10

Bonus: Map Duffel Bag

So this isn’t a map of Seoul, but I bought it in Seoul and love it. I needed a bit of a larger bag for some of the smaller things I bought and found this in a store on the Insa-dong Street that sold everything for 10,000 won – so it was only about $10!

maps of seoul9 

Thanks for reading! Happy mapping!



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