[Good Causes] Organization Spotlight: International Development Exchange (IDEX)

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Today, I’d like to start a series featuring great organizations that I’ve gotten the privilege to support. This first one is the International Development Exchange, more commonly known as IDEX. I came across IDEX on a Google search while on my job search, and found out that they had a Young Professionals Group. I sent a quick email and several emails and meetings later, somehow in February of this year, found myself as the Chair of the IDEX Young Professionals Group. As Chair, I’ve gotten the chance to learn so much about the organization and because of that, I am taking part in the IDEX YPG Holiday Razzles Campaign for IDEX.

What is the International Development Exchange?

IDEX is an organization that supports grassroots solutions to global poverty focusing in on organizations in six countries – Mexico, Guatemala, India, Nepal, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

I did a quick illustration yesterday with how I envision IDEX.


What is IDEX?

IDEX identifies, evaluates, and grows the best ideas to alleviate poverty & injustice, connecting passionate and engaged supporters to visionary local leaders & organizations around the world.

How is this different? IDEX focuses in on local solutions. Through their three areas of focus – women’s empowerment, local economies, and environmental justice, IDEX is finding and supporting grassroots initiatives that are really making a difference, locally. After all, change starts from the ground up.

Want to support this great cause? Join in on our holiday campaign: IDEX YPG Holiday Razzles Campaign for IDEX!

Any questions? Feel free to ask me or visit the website: https://www.idex.org/.

Thanks for reading! Hoping to bring more of these types of posts to share the great causes going on around us!



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