Organization Spotlight: Global Glimpse & My Trip to Nicaragua

What better way to experience international immersion firsthand than Nicaragua? A couple days I came back from a wonderful trip to Nicaragua where I got the chance to join several groups of high school students on their summer Global Glimpse program. I’ve been on the Advisory Board for the Bay Area-based non-profit organization since early last year, and was excited to be able to join the board trip and see first-hand how the organization works in country. The mission really resonates with me because of my love of international education and experiences, and my love of the concept of being a global citizen.

My trip started with a long journey via Houston (in the middle of the night where we had the opportunity to sleep on the floor), and began with arrival in the capital, and a journey to the town of Granada before the board trip started. It was definitely HOT there, and we were melting as we walked around town.

The next day, we returned to Managua where we met up with the rest of the Global Glimpse group and received a warm welcome from the in-country staff. From there, we visited Matagalpa and Jinotega and shadowed several delegations that were in town from high schools all over the Bay Area, as well New York City. Being welcomed into the groups by the students, coordinators, and leaders was a wonderful way for me to gain a deeper understanding of the impacts the organization has on these students. Some of them have never left the country, and knowing my own desire to learn everything about the world, I was so excited that these students got an early start to their international immersion. The itineraries we joined included a global business day where we visited a local chocolate factory, a $1 a day experience, a politics seminar, a talk by a Sandinista guerrilla fighter, and several sessions of nightly reflections. The program is about 20 days, and throughout the time, each student is a “lider de l dia” (leader of the day), and I was really impressed with the level of leadership the students were showing at such a young age!

Welcome to Nicaragua!

nicaragua_blog-10 nicaragua_blog-12 nicaragua_blog-11

Meeting the delegation from NYC in Matagalpa.



nicaragua_blog-14 nicaragua_blog-15 nicaragua_blog-17 nicaragua_blog-18 nicaragua_blog-19 nicaragua_blog-20 nicaragua_blog-21 nicaragua_blog-22 nicaragua_blog-23 nicaragua_blog-24

Read to fly.


Nightly self-reflection sessions.nicaragua_blog-26 nicaragua_blog-27


Visited a rural community outside of Jinotega. nicaragua_blog-28

Soccer (futbol) can really bring everyone together. It’s definitely a global play time activity. nicaragua_blog-29 nicaragua_blog-30


The town of Jinotega.


A map outside the hostel that one of the delegations was staying at. Painted by a Global Glimpse group in 2012!nicaragua_blog-33

Members of the Advisory Board, Global Glimpse staff (in-country and from SF), and the Board of Directors. What a great group to experience this Board trip with!

nicaragua_blog-34 nicaragua_blog-35

On the Global Business day, we visited the Castillo del Cacao and met one of the women (of a staff of 3!) that makes the chocolate there. Yummy! The chocolate tour ended with a tasting of chocolate of course. 🙂

nicaragua_blog-36 nicaragua_blog-37 nicaragua_blog-38 nicaragua_blog-39 nicaragua_blog-40


One of the delegations was tasked with putting together a music video about Global Glimpse. It was amazing how quickly and efficiently they organized to make it happen. Go Teamwork!nicaragua_blog-41 nicaragua_blog-42 nicaragua_blog-43

Matagalpa is a lovely city!

nicaragua_blog-44  nicaragua_blog-46 nicaragua_blog-47

Some members of the NYC delegation putting together “thank you” signs.nicaragua_blog-48

The NYC delegation says thank you to Global Glimpse donors!nicaragua_blog-50 nicaragua_blog-52 nicaragua_blog-53


Thanks from the kids! This program would not be possible without generous supporters and people that believe in the value of a program like this one.


071global glimpse

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions about this wonderful organization. Visit Global Glimpse online at


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