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Yellow Flower, Zarcero, Costa Rica

In the quaint town of Zarcero in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica is a church surrounded by a peaceful garden. It looked like it was just about to rain, so skies were hazy and the mountains surrounding us seemed to be in the clouds. There was a bed of these yellow flowers to the […]

"Despacio" Sign, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

It was a nice sunny day and as we were ready to cross the street to go to the beach, we saw this curious sign. Must slow for people, dogs, some unknown third animal (any ideas?), and monkeys! Apparently, monkeys come out at night, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see one. Loved this area […]

Day 5: San Jose, Costa Rica to Los Angeles, California

This post was meant to be posted yesterday, but much of the day was spent traveling home (finally back in Los Angeles). This photo was of one of our cat friends at the hostel we stayed at the first and last night in San Jose. There were 3 cats that we saw roaming around and […]

Day 4: Manuel Antonio to San Jose & Central Highlands Area, Costa Rica

Early morning rise and shine! Our 6AM bus back to San Jose was one of our few options left as availabilities permitted. As soon as we got on the bus, I closed my eyes and went to sleep because buses are the worse for my motion sickness. We arrived in San Jose and returned to […]

Day 3: Monteverde to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Hola from Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica! Today we arrived in Manuel Antonio and I opened my bag to discover a stowaway – a black beetle the size of my thumb. Who knows how long it had been there or how it even got in, although I imagine it probably wasn’t difficult. Today we left Monteverde […]

Day 2: San Jose to Monteverde, Costa Rica

Hola! No internet yesterday, so I’m posting yesterday’s adventures. Today’s adventures to come soon! As I sped over the trees of the Cloud Forest, raindrops came crashing down to earth and from top to bottom, I eventually became drenched in rainwater. Ziplining through the Selvatura Adenture Park’s cloud forest was an amazing experience. Through over […]

Day 1: San Jose, Costa Rica

Hola! We arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica today around noon. After leaving after midnight and having a stopover in Atlanta, it was a relief to finally arrive! Despite weather reports that there was expected to be scattered thunderstorms, our first day was mostly rain free except for a few drops here and there. Its […]