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I love Europe!

Back in October, I ended my year+ in Europe with a visit from the family in September, a brief return to Brighton, and a relaxing time in Switzerland. It was a perfect conclusion to the year, and reminds me why I love Europe so much! This past time was my 4th time in Europe since […]

View from the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Paris, France

Ever since I first came to Paris, I’ve always thought that it’s such a beautiful city. We went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower and as we waited for the sun to set, we got a great view of all the city, with the Sacre Couer in the distance. Lovely!

On The Road: Late Arrivals into Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

Paris, here we are! Lesson learned: If you get into Charles de Gaulle airport after 11pm…be ready to take a taxi into city centre! The last train left at 10:55, and the buses stop around then too. It took us lots of walking around the airport to figure this out, especially getting different information from […]

City Guide: Paris, France

From the first time I arrived in Paris years ago, it has remained as my favorite city in Europe. There’s just something about it. I finally returned in December 2011 after years of not visiting and while the weather wasn’t great (cold, windy and rainy), the city was just as lovely and I got quite […]