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[174/365] Seacrab in Garlic Chili Cream Sauce, Aore Island Resort, Aore Island, Vanuatu

This is has to be the best crab I’ve EVER eaten. It cooked just perfectly, in a savory garlic chili cream sauce. It took close to two hours to eat it – I wanted to make sure that I ate every piece of it because I knew I wouldn’t get to taste it again anytime […]

[173/365] Snorkeling off of Aore Island, Aore Island, Vanuatu

Just off of Aore Island, I went snorkeling in the calm waters. Amazingly, just a few feet from shore in shallow waters, there were corals and fish everywhere. I was in awe of the underwater world that I got to experience. So glad that I have an underwater camera case! Vanuatu is a great area […]