Day 1: Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada to Narita Airport to Aego City, Japan

What a long day of traveling, but well worth it because we are now in Japan! We had a stopover in Vancouver, Canada where I met up with Bonny and Cynthia (who were flying from SFO) and then proceeded on our 10-hour flight to Narita Airport outside of Tokyo! Val picked us up from the airport and we took a train through Tokyo and to Ageo, a “suburb” outside of Tokyo. We met up with some locals and headed to a restaurant/bar where we had everything from raw salmon to raw chicken to yakisoba. The food was delicious, especially after a day of fast food and airplane food. After the meal and drinks, we headed to a Karoake place and sang classics from TLC, Celine Dion, NSYNC, Green Day, Oasis, among others. And yes, I sang! The people are really nice! The first day was great – we are going to get about 1 hour of sleep right now (its about 3:30am) and wake up and head to the fish markets in Tokyo. Sleeping is optional on this trip. More to come soon!

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