Instagram: My Map of the Day

I started a Map of the Day a few weeks ago over on my Instagram ( Yes, I had to use THEmapwanderer because someone took mapwanderer (and doesn’t even post pictures on it!). Grrr.

Missed out on the #mapoftheday? Here they are!

(1) One of my first travel consulting projects was for friend’s trip to Denali National Park in Alaska. I requested more information from Alaska Tourism (for my own reference too) and of course there was a map inside!#mapoftheday


(2) Day 2 of #mapoftheday is also on Mother’s Day! My mom visited me when I was living in Europe last year and we did a trip to Italy. Here at the Vatican Museum, there was a photo gallery of maps and I was very excited! Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who has been my support thorough all my travels and all the other mothers out there!


(3) A cute map I got in Brighton from a bar..loved it because it has such cute drawings of the buildings so it was on my wall all year when I was living there. It’s not so accurate, but does the job. I even started writing in some of the places with special meaning.#mapoftheday


(4) Day 4 of #mapoftheday! Part of the world map I have on my wall. Vintage with stamps all over it. Bought it in a shop in Iceland!


(5) Today’s #mapoftheday is from Vanuatu, an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean! I love hand drawn maps, so this was a fun one of the town of Luganville on Espiritu Santo (largest island in Vanuatu).


(6) My favorite public transport system is in London! Today’s #mapoftheday is the London Tube map. 🙂


(7) And this map of Oxford concludes a week of #mapoftheday! Loved the old town feel of Oxford and especially getting to see the inspiration behind the Great Hall in Harry Potter in person. Happy Friday! =)


(8) A postcard I got while in Ireland last year. It’s today’s #mapoftheday! Enjoy your weekend =)


(9) Bay to Breakers 2013 in SF! This is the#mapoftheday with the 12K/7+mile route. I ended up joining and walking over 5 miles of it … in my sandals…oops…Feet are definitely hurting!


(10) This #mapoftheday is from the town of Puerto Iguazu, home of the Iguazú Falls, the prettiest waterfalls I’ve seen…did you know it’s at the intersection of three countries – Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay?


(11) Happy hour today, needed to find Palomino on this #mapoftheday of 345 Spear St. Views of the Bay Bridge, lovely!


(12) Today’s #mapoftheday is of Egypt! I got this hand crafted map on papyrus from a shop in #Dahab along the Red Sea.


(13) Cool! Found this 17th century world map in a box of my old things. #mapoftheday


SPECIAL: Am I really one of the first? Excited either way to try this out!!#newgooglemaps


(14) Globe by the Presidio, SF. Today’s#mapoftheday!


(15) #mapoftheday from Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco!


(16) My second pair of #NYC subway #mapRay Ban Wayfarers because I lost the first and loved them too much.#mapoftheday


(17) Simon Garfield’s On the Map book, a fun read for a map enthusiast like myself. =p #mapoftheday


(18) New season of Arrested Development features a map! Love this show.#mapoftheday


(19) Today’s #mapoftheday is an awesome map custom designed as a gift to incorporate 4 different locales. You must read the story behind it! Read about it:


(20) Topographical map of the Bay Area at Pier 39. #mapoftheday


(21) Here’s what Pangea looks like mapped with modern political borders!#mapoftheday @rexisaguirre, thanks for the share! Read more from


And that’s all folks! Enjoy 🙂



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