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[Map Places] The Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division, New York Public Library (55 photos)

On my trip to New York City in September, I decided I wanted to see if there were any “mappy” things around town. I did a quick Google search and stumbled across this room at the New York Public Library. It was an added bonus that I had never been to this library before on […]

10 of My Favorite Maps of Seoul

So, I think you may know I like maps. I’m hoping you do too! On my trip to Seoul, I came across so many maps and I just had to share some! 1. Gang  Nam Beauty Tour Guide Map Isn’t it so cute? Love the colors and the little drawings. Fits so well with the […]

[On the road] Home from my Trip to China & South Korea

Hello everyone! A quick recap of my trip to China and South Korea. I just got back  this evening and since I’m feeling awake still, just thought I’d talk a bit about my trip. We did so much during the trip and it will take me a while to document everything! I traveled to China […]

[Crafts] My Map Letter Project

A few weeks ago, I stopped by Michaels to get a paint pen for another project, and while I was feeling crafty, I spontaneously put together a little project with a few things I found in the store. That store gets me every time! Anyway, I wanted to share my process for putting it together […]

Maps at the Speakeasy of Libraries – Prelinger Library, San Francisco, USA

A few weeks ago, I visited the Prelinger Library after my friend sent me this article from Wired’s MapLab: Rarely Seen Maps From San Francisco’s Quirkiest Hidden Library. What a treat! It was like a speakeasy, but in library form because I found the code on their website and when we approached the building I […]

[Photo Story] Tomales Bay Oyster Company, California

Hello all! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I went to Tomales Bay Oyster Company last week and wanted to share some photos from the both times I’ve gone! This is the second time I’m going this year – the first time was in April for my cousin’s birthday. If you aren’t familiar, Tomales Bay […]

[Photos] 10 Postcards from Siem Reap, Cambodia

A few of my favorite photos from my trip to Cambodia back in 2011. In Siem Reap, we woke up really early to catch the sunrise at Angkor Wat and got to explore the temple grounds the entire day. So beautiful! Truly an amazing thing to see!     

Instagram: My Map of the Day

I started a Map of the Day a few weeks ago over on my Instagram ( Yes, I had to use THEmapwanderer because someone took mapwanderer (and doesn’t even post pictures on it!). Grrr. Missed out on the #mapoftheday? Here they are! (1) One of my first travel consulting projects was for friend’s trip to Denali […]

Personal reflections: I feel like I’m in a moment of limbo…

I feel like I’m in a moment of limbo. Going being two worlds, unsure of what lies ahead for me. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like this, but I guess this is the best time to reflect on what makes me happy and somehow brainstorm ideas for the inevitable question of, “what’s next?”. […]

EatSnapLove | An LA Food Tour by V&Y in MAP form!

So a few years ago, my roommate and I started a food blog mostly covering our eating adventures in Los Angeles. We called it Eat Snap Love ( Since we were already eating at so many amazing restaurants, we wanted to be able to share our experiences through photos and words! My co-blogger for that project, […]