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[projects] Grant Application for Global Youth Service Day Involvement (Middle East/North Africa and Latin America)

Hiya! In addition to my love of travel, I’m also a part of a couple organizations. Every now and then, I will post updates on these organizations if you’re interested. As a Regional Facilitator for the International Young Professionals Foundation, I want to provide the announcement for our involvement in Global Youth Service Day. If […]

[on the road] Goodbye for now, Brighton.

I think my time in Brighton has officially come to an end. I thought it did when I left early October, but I got the chance to return to go to my graduation and see many of the friends I met there and the places I frequented. As I walked towards the beach as the […]

[photo of the day] View from the Schilthorn, Switzerland

This past summer I spent some time in the Lauterbrunnen Valley of Switzerland and it was quite the adventure. What a view! We took a cable car from Gimmelwald (where we were staying) up to Murren, and then from there, we took another cable car up to the summit of Schilthorn, at 2970m high.  It […]

July traveling!

July is full of traveling! I have so many visitors this month, so it’s a mix of traveling and touring around UK. This is what my travel schedule is looking like: Early July – Scotland: Whisky tours, Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow Mid July – Italy/Switzerland: Bologna, Cinque Terre, Milan, Interlaken, Geneva Late July – Greece: Athens, […]

The Wonderful World of Frequent Flyer Programs & Airline Alliances

Today’s post is about the lovely world of airline miles! People often ask me about this so I decided it’d be a good idea to just blog about it! And, I haven’t been so busy, so decided to create this graphic! This post will be split up into a Q&A format… (1) Q: Why does […]

Travel Goals While Living in Europe!

It’s been so wonderful living in Europe. For years, it’s been one of my favourite places to travel and it’s so much easier to travel around when I’m living here now! When will I get a chance to live in Europe again? So, I think it’s fitting for me to create a realistic list of […]

Press page mention!

…And this is what you get when you click the link:Ok, and this is the second of the non-photo blog posts, but I thought it was cool. Don’t ask me why, but I was googling my blog and I stumbled upon this press page for Annenberg Space for Photography. I’m listed on there along with […]

I (was) a Top Stamper on visastamper!

Ahhh, it has been a long while! Since I have a paper due in a few days, perfect time to blog again! You know, since I haven’t done it in so long. Before I post some photos from recent travels, just wanted to post some personal developments as of lately. So, there’s this cool website […]

My 2010.

My 2010. 🙂 Happy New Year!

[182/365] Hides Hotel, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

I really liked the hotel we stayed at in Cairns. It was in a great location and rooms were comfortable and cute. The hallway had colorful painted walls and posters of photos of the Great Barrier Reef.