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Maps at the Speakeasy of Libraries – Prelinger Library, San Francisco, USA

A few weeks ago, I visited the Prelinger Library after my friend sent me this article from Wired’s MapLab: Rarely Seen Maps From San Francisco’s Quirkiest Hidden Library. What a treat! It was like a speakeasy, but in library form because I found the code on their website and when we approached the building I […]

[Photo Story] Tomales Bay Oyster Company, California

Hello all! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I went to Tomales Bay Oyster Company last week and wanted to share some photos from the both times I’ve gone! This is the second time I’m going this year – the first time was in April for my cousin’s birthday. If you aren’t familiar, Tomales Bay […]

Instagram: My Map of the Day

I started a Map of the Day a few weeks ago over on my Instagram ( Yes, I had to use THEmapwanderer because someone took mapwanderer (and doesn’t even post pictures on it!). Grrr. Missed out on the #mapoftheday? Here they are! (1) One of my first travel consulting projects was for friend’s trip to Denali […]

Personal reflections: I feel like I’m in a moment of limbo…

I feel like I’m in a moment of limbo. Going being two worlds, unsure of what lies ahead for me. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like this, but I guess this is the best time to reflect on what makes me happy and somehow brainstorm ideas for the inevitable question of, “what’s next?”. […]

EatSnapLove | An LA Food Tour by V&Y in MAP form!

So a few years ago, my roommate and I started a food blog mostly covering our eating adventures in Los Angeles. We called it Eat Snap Love ( Since we were already eating at so many amazing restaurants, we wanted to be able to share our experiences through photos and words! My co-blogger for that project, […]

[Event Guide] Kentucky Oaks & Derby – What’s the difference?

Going to the Kentucky Derby was on my bucket list for a while and I had the chance to do it 2 years ago. I’ve just always wanted to wear one of those big hats! I will admit I didn’t know much about horse racing, but this event was a blast. We got to go […]

[crafts] Making your own Magnets from Travel Souvenirs

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share with you some recent things I’ve been working on! Instead of paying for over-priced magnet souvenirs on your travels, you can just make your own! Just go to the store and buy magnet adhesives – they are sold in long strips (seen below) or in individual circle magnets. Both […]

Weekly Photo Wednesdays: Transportation

Every Wednesday, 7 photos along with a short description revolving around a self-chosen theme. This week’s theme: trans·por·ta·tion   Noun 1. The action of transporting someone or something or the process of being transported. 2. A system or means of transporting people or goods. Planes, trains, automobiles…and tuk tuks, and motorbikes, and feluccas, and buses. […]

[map] Maps Discovered on my Travels

Hello! This post is honor of my first “Map Design: Learn to Communicate Places Beautifully” online class today over at! I’m really looking forward to creating my own map – something I never thought I’d do. The following images are of maps I’ve taken photos of and collected in the past year or so. […]

Hearts found on my travels

Yes, I do realize Valentine’s Day is over, but why do I need a specific day to do a post about hearts?! On my travels, I’ve been spotting hearts all over – some meant to be hearts, and some just happened to resemble a heart. So, I decided to put together a little collage of […]