I love road trips! This last one was quite the last minute adventure, but the planning all came together beautifully. The thing with road trips is that they are made for last minute planning because you have your car and the road, and the rest you can just figure it out as you go. The […]


Hello! This post is honor of my first “Map Design: Learn to Communicate Places Beautifully” online class today over at skillshare.com! I’m really looking forward to creating my own map – something I never thought I’d do. The following images are of maps I’ve taken photos of and collected in the past year or so. […]

Yes, I do realize Valentine’s Day is over, but why do I need a specific day to do a post about hearts?! On my travels, I’ve been spotting hearts all over – some meant to be hearts, and some just happened to resemble a heart. So, I decided to put together a little collage of […]

 Tourist map of Prizren | Prizren, Kosovo

So I took a day trip to Berat, Albania from Tirana. I made the walk up to the fortress at the top of the hill and within the gates were white cobblestone streets weaving through the old town. I wouldn’t mind getting too lost walking through the narrow streets!

Hand painted Pristina city map on the wall in Han Hostel | Pristina, Kosovo

I arrived into Tirana on a Saturday evening. As I stepped out of the plane and walked down the stairs, I was a little surprised by how “warm” it was, at least compared to my other previous destinations. At the airport, I met a half British, half Swiss girl that was working in Albania, who […]

Hiya! In addition to my love of travel, I’m also a part of a couple organizations. Every now and then, I will post updates on these organizations if you’re interested. As a Regional Facilitator for the International Young Professionals Foundation, I want to provide the announcement for our involvement in Global Youth Service Day. If […]

Hello from Albania! I have some downtime at a cafe here in Tirana, so wanted to quickly blog about Iceland to share some photos. We had an amazing time in Iceland! The scenery is just beautiful, and we were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights on our last night there. The people are very […]

Wow! I saw the Northern Lights! I feel like it’s been on my list, and it was actually kind of surreal actually seeing it. It did take a few tries though. The first night we went on the tour that drives you outside Reykjavik and away from city lights. However, the Northern Lights never really […]